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Back by popular demand, it’s 20 presentations in 20 minutes!

During the opening night community session, 20 AIGA chapter leaders from around the country will take the stage. Each has just 60 seconds to address the theme of making versus thinking as it relates to his or her own discipline or design experience. This very open-ended brief comes with one small requirement—weave in some aspect of the marvelous AIGA chapter they represent—all in 60 seconds!

The 20/20 presenters, curated and moderated by AIGA president Debbie Millman are:

  • Donovan Beery and Nate Voss, AIGA Nebraska
  • Kim Berlin, AIGA Metro North
  • Charles Brock, AIGA Portland
  • Paul Carew and Jane Naillon, AIGA Idaho
  • Emily Carr and Jill Spaeth, AIGA DC
  • Traci Moore Clay, AIGA St. Louis
  • Amy Decker, AIGA Wisconsin
  • Thy Doan and Kevin Perry, AIGA Salt Lake City
  • Jay Ganaden, AIGA San Francisco
  • Michael Guthrie, AIGA Memphis
  • Bernardo Margulis, AIGA Philadelphia
  • Mike Joosse and Matthew Munoz, AIGA Raleigh
  • Amanda Otter, AIGA New Mexico
  • Jeremy Perez-Cruz, AIGA Orlando
  • Zack Shubkagel and Robb Smigielski, AIGA Kansas City
  • Josh Silverman and Valerie Sloan, AIGA Rhode Island
  • Michael Surtees, AIGA New York
  • Robin Tooms, AIGA Houston

Plus two more to be announced—stay tuned!


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