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Command X

Command X

Congratulations to all our participants!

Back for a second season, the graphic design reality show “Command X” did not disappoint! The seven contestants, chosen from more than 80 young designers across the country, took center stage at “Make/Think” and presented design solutions for a new Graceland logo, Cap’n Crunch for adults and after a private tour of the National Civil Rights museum, a statement about civil rights.

Michael Bierut returned as the emcee (“Heidi Klum”) and Sean Adams of Adams Morioka joined as the contestants’ guide (“Tim Gunn”). Judges included Bonnie Siegler, Paul Sahre and Chip Kidd, who provided honest critiques and a lot of entertainment.

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Ryan Fitzgibbon

Ryan Fitzgibbon of San Francisco won the first round for his stunning redesign of the Graceland logo, based on the elegant curve of the property’s gates.

Alison Medland

Alison Yard Medland of Silver Spring, MD, won the second round for her redesign of the Cap’n Crunch brand for adults, drawing inspiration from 1960s concert posters.

Monina Velarde

And Monina Velarde, a recent graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute (KCAI), impressed the judges with her website presentation inspired by the National Civil Rights Museum.

Congratulations to Monina Velarde for winning season two of “Command X,” and kudos to all of our participants for all of their hard work!


The contestants

The following seven designers were chosen to participate in season two of “Command X.”

Matthew Carl

Matthew Carl, Elmont, NY
Matthew Carl was born and raised in Elmont, New York. In his senior year of high school he thought he was going to college for engineering until he realized he wasn’t that good at math. Art school was the backup plan and Carl had only applied to one art school, the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). After many sleepless nights and X-Acto knife injuries, he ended up with a BFA in graphic design from FIT in 2005. Right out of school, he worked at the Piscatello Design Centre and from there moved to Suka, where he currently works.

Ryan Fitzgibbon

Ryan Fitzgibbon, San Francisco, CA
Ryan Fitzgibbon is a designer with an acquired proficiency in art direction and design strategy. He received a BFA in graphic design from Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he was the founding president of the school’s AIGA student group. A combination of ambition and luck resulted in a number of opportunities in his undergraduate career. Following graduation, he relocated to San Francisco to spend his summer as an intern at global design consultancy IDEO. In September, Fitzgibbons began his graduate studies in pursuit of a MFA in design at the California College of the Arts.

Bobby Genalo

Bobby Genalo, Brooklyn, NY
After graduating from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2006, Bobby Genalo moved to New York and spent two years working for design firms. As the 2008 Presidential election approached, he volunteered as the creative director for Music For Democracy (MFD), a political action committee eager to spark a conversation between musicians and politicians. Following the success of MFD, he opened shop as Genalo Designs and has branched into product, interaction and sound design. Genalo is co-founder of DRWR, an art gallery in Bushwick, Brooklyn, and is preparing to apply to graduate school for interaction design.

John Graziano

John Graziano, Lewisville, TX
Graziano was born on February 13th (yes it was a Friday—spooky) in 1987 in good ol’ Texas, where they like things big and made out of cows. About 22 years after that Graziano graduated from The University of North Texas. He played the trumpet for one year, guitar for two weeks and once thought about maybe buying a keyboard. He is deathly afraid of spiders and peas, and has had nightmares about the horrific combination of the two. He is pretty good at Call of Duty, but not as good as those dudes playing online at 2:00 in the morning (he’s pretty sure they cheat). He also sometimes design things.

Alison Yard Medland

Alison Yard Medland, Silver Spring, MD
Alison Yard Medland, born and raised in the Small Wonder State, graduated from the University of Delaware in 2006 where she studied advertising and graphic design. After a two-year love affair with Gilah Press + Design, a small letterpress house in Baltimore, she joined Discovery Creative as an art director. There she hatches 360° advertising campaigns for Discovery Channel and its portfolio of brands. She currently resides in the District of Columbia with hope in her heart and a Joe Pernice novella on her nightstand.

Monina Velarde

Monina Velarde, Wheaton, IL
Monina Velarde is a recent graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute (KCAI) with a double major in graphic design and art history. Velarde was highly involved in KCAI’s AIGA student group serving as co-director of communications and was awarded Kansas City’s AIGA Student Scholarship. While in Kansas City, she had the pleasure of interning as a graphic designer at Hammerpress Letterpress + Design Studio; Barkley, Inc.; and most recently at Hallmark Cards, Inc. She loves every aspect of graphic design and has a special interest in typography. She currently resides in Wheaton, Illinois.

Katherine Walker

Katherine Walker, Chicago, IL
Katherine Walker is a Tennessee transplant living and working in Chicago. After attending the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, she was lucky enough to be plucked up by a former professor, Maria Grillo, to join her award-winning firm. At the Grillo Group, she’s had great opportunities to work for a range of clients including the Chicago 2016 Olympic bid and the NYC Department of Education. A few likes: typography, sweet tea, Netflix, Micron pens, the Matterhorn, pop culture trivia and the British monarchy.

The judges

“Command X,” developed under the creative leadership of Number 17, was hosted by Pentagram partner Michael Bierut and judged by a panel including Bonnie Siegler of Number 17; Chip Kidd, graphic designer and author; Paul Sahre, graphic designer, illustrator, educator and author; and some surprise guest judges. Sean Adams, AdamsMorioka, Inc. partner, acted as the “Tim Gunn” of “Command X” this year, mentoring and guiding the contestants through the process.

"Command X: Season 2"
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