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Site credits

Site credits

AIGA works with the chapter in the city or region in which the conference is being held to select local firms to design the conference collateral, including the website and all printed material. This year, AIGA and the Memphis chapter chose ODEN, a leading business-to-business marketing communications firm, to develop the conference identity and print collateral. The conference minisite was created by 68 Comeback, a digital brand consultancy.

AIGA greatly appreciates the ongoing efforts of the design team and their extended network of collaborators and thanks them all for their fantastic work!

Conference identity


Project management

Conference minisite development

Direction: Brad Wilkerson, 68 Comeback

Michael Guthrie, ODEN

Illustration: Ronald J. Cala II,

Programming: JD Graffam, TORQUE

Flash programming: Luis Toro, Toro Interactive